AW: [gmx-users] How do forces from PME get calculated?

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Hi Thomas,

 There are different possibilities to derive the forces from the PME method.
Usually with SPME, the so called analytical differentiation scheme is
applied, where the gradient of the reciprocal sum is directly calculated.
This is computationally very efficient, because it requires only one iFFT,
and conserves energy. The other method is to perform the differentiation in
reciprocal space, referred to as ik differentiation. This requires 3 iFFTs,
but conserves momentum. The Ewald sum is using the latter method.
There are several articles describing the methods and testing their
accuracy. If you do an error estimate with the GROMACS tool g_pme_error, you
will get a hint to a paper, which discusses the different methods and error
estimates and refers to further literature. 

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> Maybe a somewhat dumb question:
> How do forces from PME get calculated?
> In the manual (and also some textbooks) i have only found expressions for
> potential for PME (or ewald-summation), but no information how the forces
> calculated.
> One idea i have would be
> dF_i = - [ V(r_i(t)) - V(r_i(t+dt)) ] / [ r_i(t) - r_i(t+dt) ] meaning,
calculate the
> difference in the potential energy for particle i at two integration steps
> divide this by the distance the particle move times (-1).
> Would this be the right approach?
> Thomas--
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