[gmx-users] Frequency value for External Electric field

Ashutosh singh ashokarath at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 08:44:50 CET 2013

Hi All,

I am conducting a MD simulation for effect of external electric field
on protein conformation. As per the .mdp option for electric field:

"E-x ; E-y ; E-z:
If you want to use an electric field in a direction, enter 3 numbers
after the appropriate E-*, the first number: the number of cosines,
only 1 is implemented (with frequency 0) so enter 1, the second
number: the strength of the electric field in V nm-1, the third
number: the phase of the cosine, you can enter any number here since a
cosine of frequency zero has no phase."

I set the electric field to 5 V/nm using code E_x 1 5.0 0

Now, I want to set the frequency for my electric field, I checked most
of the forum and nowhere i could find the unit in which the frequency
is applied. Is it in Hz or is it "/cm". I want to set the frequency to
2450 MHz for E_xt 1 24500

Kindly help..


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