[gmx-users] defining impropers necessary?

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed Jul 17 17:51:55 CEST 2013

On 7/17/13 11:39 AM, gromacs query wrote:
> Dear Justin,
> 1) I can understand the improper for stereocenters (chiral) easily but with

OPLS doesn't use impropers for chiral centers.

> bonds I am confused (I have tried to explain below please let me know if I
> have defined impropers correctly for peptide to keep it planar).
>   H1     O          H3
>      \      I          /
>   --C1---C--N---C2--
>      /         I      \
>    H2       H      H4

OK, funky text drawing :)  But it looks like you've got an amide flanked by two 
methylene groups as the repeat unit.

> So I think improper (being zero) to keep peptide planar should be defined
> (and sufficiently) as: O C N C1
> and dihedral should be which is simple as: O C N H
> But it confuses me, why one needs to define improper for peptide. If I just
> keep dihedral angle strict (high force constant) then it will make peptide
> freezed! so it will remain planar.

The OPLS approach for amides is to define normal dihedrals as well as impropers. 
  Keep in mind that rotations about a bond and out-of-plane bending are 
different types of motion.  I suppose you could achieve what you're thinking of 
by very strong force constants for the dihedrals, but I would wonder if you're 
then throwing the balance of 1-4 interactions (especially charges) out of whack.

> 2) Also, I am not sure whether OPLS needs this peptide bond to be defined
> with improper, someone have experienced this please suggest?

All the amino acids in the aminoacids.rtp file specify impropers centered on the 
C and N atoms of the peptide bond.  I would stick with that approach.



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