[gmx-users] including a new molecule to forcefield

Amir Abbasi amir.abbasi69 at yahoo.com
Sun May 5 02:34:32 CEST 2013

tnx but how can I make .top file?
is there any tutorials?
can I convert itp to top?
or there is an other way?

 From: Justin Lemkul <jalemkul at vt.edu>
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Subject: Re: [gmx-users] including a new molecule to forcefield

On 5/4/13 8:28 PM, Amir Abbasi wrote:
> Hi All,
> I want to simulate graphene oxide in water. i have used swissparam server to create .itp file of it.
> then i'd put the .itp file in oplsaa.ff folder and edit forcefield.itp file and insert:
> #include "GRO.itp"

Do not edit forcefield.itp in this way.

> but when i want to use pdb2gmx to make topology file,it says:
> Residue 'GRO' not found in residue topology database
> what should i do?

Don't run pdb2gmx on the structure.  The job of pdb2gmx is to produce a 
topology, which you already have.  All you have to do is #include "GRO.itp" in 
your system's .top file.  Leave the other files in your force field folder alone.



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