[gmx-users] Re: GPU-based workstation

Ehud Schreiber schreib at cgen.com
Tue May 28 07:54:48 CEST 2013

I have nothing to contribute regarding the CPUs, but note that last week Nvidia introduced the GTX 780 GPU (a "Titan lite"), and this week it is expected to introduce the GTX 770 one (probably an "overclocked 680"). Therefore, disregarding possible price issues, it seems that the GTX 680 may not be the best option.

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>On Nvidia benchmarks I've found suggestions of using of the two 6 cores CPU for systems with the 2 GPU.


>Assuming that I'll be using two 680 GTX cards with 256 bits and 4gb ram (not a profesional nvidia cards like TESLA) what CPU's >could give me the best performance- 1 i7 of 8 cores or 2 Xeons e5 with 6 cores ? Does it meaningful to use 2 separate CPU's with >several nodes each for the 2 GPU's ?



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