[gmx-users] g_sham

pratibha kapoor kapoorpratibha7 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 13:54:04 CEST 2013

Dear all gromacs users

I am creating free energy landscape using g_sham but my axis are not
getting labelled. I have searched the archive and found that using xmin and
xmax options we can label them.
I have first created my 2D projection xvg file using
g_anaeig -f *.xtc -s *.tpr -first 1 -last 2 -2d *.xvg -v *.trr
and then found  min and max values for both the vectors,
say for vector1 min:-2.25 and max:1.83
and for vector2 min:-1.60 and max: 2.22
and then I have used:
g_sham -f *.xvg -ls *.xpm -notime -xmin -2.25 -1.60 0 -xmax 1.83 2.22 0
and then converted *.xpm to *.eps using
xpm2ps -f *.xpm -o *.eps -rainbow blue
This way I got eps file with only one axis(x axis) labelled and following
line appeared:
Auto tick spacing failed for Y-axis, guessing 1.19375

I would like to ask is this way of labelling the axis correct? If yes, why
didn't y axis get labelled and how to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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