[gmx-users] No group in index file?

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Thu Oct 31 21:48:22 CET 2013

On 10/31/13 4:44 PM, Xu Dong Huang wrote:
> @ Justin,
> I did not define [angles] in the topology but I do have the angles result
> from All-atom run using OPLS forcefield. The reason for me not to include it
> in MARTINI forcefield topology is because I wanted to see if it will produce
> similar angle result of atom 1&2, 1&3 and 2&3 in martini water since the
> behavior of particle types I chose for my 3 atoms are well defined by martini
> at this point. My interest is to find for which force constant K value will
> the martini model match the all-atom model using OPLS.
> And you’re right, sorry, I got confused about the angles, there should only
> be 1. However, even the angle value I received doesn’t match the traditional
> all-atom result.
> What will happen if I define the [angles] part with the angles I received
> from traditional simulation? Because ultimately I am trying to find the k
> value parameter that will make the 3 particle display an angle similar to
> traditional run.

If you define an equilibrium angle for 1-2-3, it will oscillate harmonically 
around that value, with the distribution determined by the value of k.  I 
suspect that is how you can tune the parameters, by matching the distributions 
produced in the two simulations rather than a single target value, because with 
the angle defined in the topology, you're sort of predetermining the outcome.



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