[gmx-users] Problem Simulating a protein with small peptides

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Thu Dec 18 13:47:15 CET 2014

On 12/18/14 7:21 AM, Arash Firouzbakht wrote:
> Dear GROMACS experts,
> I am simulating a protein with a number of KVV tripeptides, using run
> parameter files in GROMACS tutorial website(Dr. Justin Lemkul) with
> changing JZ4 to KVV and changing temperature to 310K.
> After I add the KVV coordinate file(KVV.gro, attached) to the protein box
> and further solvate it, the output .gro file seems to be OK. But once I
> subject it to the genion command to neutralize the charge the output
> coordinate file changes ! All KVV residues change to their subresidual
> names which are recognized by the software as LYS-VAL-VAL. I need GROMACS
> to recognize the tripeptides with their former name.
> I attached part of the problematic .gro file containing KVV coordinates.

The list does not accept attachments.

> How can I solve this issue?

Don't approach this problem as in the tutorial.  pdb2gmx can handle multiple 
protein chains natively.  There is no need to treat a peptide ligand as you 
would some xenobiotic.  Just pass the protein-peptide complex to pdb2gmx and it 
will set up the topology for you, provided you have suitable TER delimiters or 
chain identifiers.



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