[gmx-users] Atomtype ZN2+ not found

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Fri Dec 19 13:17:11 CET 2014

On 12/19/14 2:59 AM, Shankar Prasad Kanaujia wrote:
> Dear users,
> I had simulated one protein with metal Zn (Zinc) bound using Gromacs
> version 4.5.5 with OPLSS-AA force field. Now, I am trying to rerun to
> calculate the energy between two groups with Gromacs version 5.0.2. I am
> getting the following error:
> Atomtype ZN2+ not found.

Zn2+ and some other ions were removed from the OPLS-AA files because they were 
not, in fact, actually OPLS-AA parameters.  Note that this is stated prominently 
in ffnonbonded.itp:

; These ion atomtypes are NOT part of OPLS, but since they are
; needed for some proteins or tutorial Argon simulations we have added them.
  Cu2+       Cu2+   29   63.54600     2.000       A    2.08470e-01  4.76976e+00
  Fe2+       Fe2+   26   55.84700     2.000       A    2.59400e-01  5.43920e-02
  Zn2+       Zn2+   30   65.37000     2.000       A    1.95200e-01  9.78219e-01
  Ar         Ar     18   39.94800     0.000       A    3.41000e-01  2.74580e-02

I would rigorously evaluate whatever you did with 4.5.5 and consider repeating 
the simulations with better parameters, if they exist, or using a force field 
for which Zn2+ has been parametrized properly.



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