[gmx-users] Installing GTX 980 on linux - which distro should i use?

Téletchéa Stéphane stephane.teletchea at univ-nantes.fr
Mon Dec 22 22:59:17 CET 2014

Le 22/12/2014 17:47, Carlos Navarro Retamal a écrit :
> I just bought a workstation with 2 GTX 980 (in order to improve my simulations on gromacs), but i’m not able to install it properly.
> I first start with Centos 7, but my motherboard has an issue with this version, so i couldn’t pass the boot step.

I would recommend Ubuntu but choose the server edition, otherwise you 
may encounter problems
for installing the system. My choice goes for 14.04 since this is an LTS 
release so you know that your
system will be "stable" for some time.

If possible, for critical applications, use the nvidia binaries (driver 
and cuda), be also sure to *not* mess
with nvidia from the repositories and from upstream nvidia, otherwise 
you'll have to remove some parts
by hand (nvidia-common comes to my mind, but also dkms-compiled binaries).

I will recommend against "Scientific Linux" or other "CentOS-like" 
distribution since they offer "for free"
the recompiled version of the Red Hat upstream release, but without 
professional support and a lot of
segfaults with their recompiled binaries (a simple 'dmesg' on installed 
computers would show you that).

Good luck for your installation, at first this can be really an headache.


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