[gmx-users] How to use gmx convert-tpr for GMX5.0.4

Smart Eagle wangykoo at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 05:33:30 CET 2014

Hi all,
   I can use tpbconv to restart or extend simulations for GMX 4.x version. Now I have installed the newest verion of GMX 5.0.4, and I found the tpbconv com‍mand had been changed into "gmx convert-tpr".  But when I use this gmx convert-tpr I got the above error:‍

$ gmx convert-tpr -h
-bash: gmx: command not found‍

the information of the GMX I installed is :
GROMACS:      gmx tpbconv, VERSION 5.0.4
Executable:   /lustre/software/gromacs/gromacs-5.0.4/GPU/impi_fftw_sse2/bin/gmx_                                                                                                             mpi
Library dir:  /lustre/software/gromacs/gromacs-5.0.4/GPU/impi_fftw_sse2/share/gr                                                                                                             omacs/top

‍so is there anybody who can give me a suggestion on how to use this new command "gmx convert-tpr"?  Thank you very much!

Yukun Wang

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