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Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Tue Dec 30 16:38:28 CET 2014

On 12/30/14 1:48 AM, elham tazikeh wrote:
> Dear Justin
> i choosed *Cubic* box for amyloid beta peptide+Zn ion simulation
> for this reason, my *volume* is defined

Sure, but box shape doesn't mean anything.  Box volume is what is important.  I 
can make a cubic box with 1-nm edges and I can make a box with 100000-nm edges; 
they're both cubic but that fact tells you nothing about the volume.

> if i suppose that, Zn ion = 1 mol

Well, it's one molecule, not 1 mol.

> its concentration will be calculated
> my assumption is correct?

I have no idea what this means.  It's absolutely trivial to convert between a 
number of particles (in this case, 1) and a volume in nm^3 to a concentration. 
It's simple unit transformation - consult any basic chemistry textbook.



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