[gmx-users] Dubious results with NPT

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Mon Feb 24 17:06:08 CET 2014

On 2/23/14, 11:37 PM, sujithkakkat . wrote:
> Hello,
>    Thank you both for  the comments. I am using gromos96 forcefield . I read
> a little bit  and as you said the nonbonded cutoff has to be higher.
> The tau_p=5ps was chosen , since the manual mentions that the value has to
> be raised by 4-5 times on going from berendsen to parrinello-rahman
> barostat, though I did not completely follow the reasons behind it. I will
> try with lower values.
>     I had run an earlier simulation with the same parameters for a pure
> water system for 5ns and reference pressure 5bar, and things worked fine
> there with the average pressure at 5.15bar. I guess the sigma  for the case
> of water was low and therefore the small cut-off of 0.8nm did not matter.
> However the case of cyclohexane alone remains to be tried.
> I guess Dr Vitaly was saying about using a switch/shift function.
> I will try the simulation with the new settings and see.

The Gromos force fields were parametrized with a plain cutoff for van der Waals. 
  They do not require switching or shifting.  It's true that plain cutoffs are a 
bit harsh, but switching and shifting have their own issues, and one should 
always stick to the parametrization methods unless there is demonstrable 
evidence that the new method is better.  I have never known Gromos96 force 
fields to need anything other than plain cutoff for van der Waals to function as 



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