[gmx-users] Regarding 'insolidangle' and some tools

Venkat Reddy venkat4bt at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 18:13:45 CEST 2014

Dear Teemu,

I have been following one of your presentations on "Improved Gromacs
analysis using dynamic selections" and also referring your publication on
LDL modeling and dynamics. My simulation system is quite similar to your
LDL model. In your presentation I came across the following dynamic

underprot = insolidangle center com of lipids span group "Protein" cutoff 5;

I know the purpose of the above statement but I didn't get the meaning of
some of the words, like "insolidangle" and "cutoff=5". If don't mind, can
you please explain this statement?

There are some useful tools for spherical systems like g_jumpdist, g_rdf
(modified)....etc that you explained in your presentation. Do you have any
modified gromacs copy with the inclusion of these tools. Because these
tools are very important for my system. Sorry for such a lengthy mail.

Thank you for your time and concern


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