[gmx-users] hints for core/shell optimization?

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Fri Jul 25 17:26:46 CEST 2014

On 7/25/14, 11:22 AM, Tamas Karpati wrote:
> Dear Justin,
>> Does your topology specify the proper intramolecular exclusions?  What
>> is(are) the molecule(s)?
> No bonds, no exclusions. The whole crystal is modelled by ions
> interacting via forces of the Coulomb and Buckingham types.
> In fact, there is an X-Y-X angle force type which does have an
> effect on forces and energy. Shell particles, on the other hand,
> are defined via the [polarization] section as quasi-bonds. That's all.

Coulombic interactions fail at short distances; you probably need to apply Thole 
screening to avoid polarization catastrophe.  Ions are particularly problematic 
in this regard.

>> Try nstlist = 1.  The shell positions are solved via SCF (EM), so you need
>> to update the neighbor list very frequently.
> Thanks for the trick. Tried but to no avail (very same results).
> Although shells should have their weight in the model, I expect
> them not to frequently change partner -each is ultimately connected
> to its core atomic site.
> In addition, there are no more bonds in the system i, thus, don't
> see the point in regenerating pairs. Is there a process -I should
> get to know about- which autogenerates bonds?

If your model doesn't use them, then there's nothing to be done here.  I was 
asking about bonded structure and exclusions and such because of the Thole issue 
I noted above.



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