[gmx-users] why deltaG=0?

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Sun Jun 8 22:48:13 CEST 2014

On 6/8/14, 4:41 PM, Albert wrote:
> Hi Justin:
> thx for reply. I use command g_lie -h to get the options and it indicated as
> following:
> Option     Filename  Type         Description
> ------------------------------------------------------------
>    -f       ener.edr  Input        Energy file
>    -o        lie.xvg  Output       xvgr/xmgr file
> Option       Type   Value   Description
> ------------------------------------------------------
> -[no]h       bool   no      Print help info and quit
> -[no]version bool   no      Print version info and quit
> -nice        int    19      Set the nicelevel
> -b           time   0       First frame (ps) to read from trajectory
> -e           time   0       Last frame (ps) to read from trajectory
> -dt          time   0       Only use frame when t MOD dt = first time (ps)
> -[no]w       bool   no      View output .xvg, .xpm, .eps and .pdb files
> -xvg         enum   xmgrace  xvg plot formatting: xmgrace, xmgr or none
> -Elj         real   0       Lennard-Jones interaction between ligand and
>                              solvent
> -Eqq         real   0       Coulomb interaction between ligand and solvent
> -Clj         real   0.181   Factor in the LIE equation for Lennard-Jones
>                              component of energy
> -Cqq         real   0.5     Factor in the LIE equation for Coulomb component
>                              of energy
> -ligand      string none    Name of the ligand in the energy file
> Which options do you think it would be necessary to be added for calculation.
> For me I don't see I missed something important......

Well, -Elj and -Eqq are necessary.  You've left them both at zero.  Do you know 
the proper protocol for the energy terms that need to be saved and the 
post-processing necessary to run a LIE calculation?  If not, check the archive; 
this question comes up frequently.



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