[gmx-users] ligand topology for opls.aa

Andrey Frolov andrey.i.frolov at mail.ru
Fri Jun 13 12:38:42 CEST 2014

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Dear Saman,

You might want to consider OPLS-AA 2005 as implemented in the Shorodinger software. The Schrodinger Maestro is FREE for academia, after registering you can download it and use. There is an utility "ffld_server", which is able to automatically assign OPLS-AA 2005 to any ligand molecule. Once you have the output of ffld_server, you can convert this into gromacs topology format by a python program called "ffconv.py" (see  http://frolov-pchem.wikispaces.com/Downloads ). Also you can check if the conversion in your case was correct by "check_conversion.sh" script therein. This is well-documented and has real-life examples, so it is easy to start using this. See the documentation inside.

Please give me your feedback if you use this tool.

Kind regards,

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>Dear users
>i wanted to know if "Acpyte" generated topologies for a ligand are compatible with OPLS-AA.ff? i am searching for a reliable topology builder for OPLS-aa like ATP for gromos53a6.ff so that i can avoid manual approached like?using?"gaussian" .
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