[gmx-users] EnMin & constraints: Hamletic doubt

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Fri Jun 20 14:30:52 CEST 2014

On 6/20/14, 4:01 AM, Nicola Staffolani wrote:
> On 19 June 2014 23:59, Justin Lemkul <jalemkul at vt.edu> wrote:
>> On 6/19/14, 10:05 AM, Nicola Staffolani wrote:
>>> Dear Justin,
>>> thank u 4 replying!
>>> On 19 June 2014 15:04, Justin Lemkul <jalemkul at vt.edu> wrote:
>>>> On 6/19/14, 4:11 AM, Nicola Staffolani wrote:
>>>>   Dear GMX community,
>>>>> ​I am running simulations of a solvated protein on a (frozen) Au
>>>>> substrate,
>>>>> but I think that my question is so basic that it falls outside the
>>>>> details
>>>>> of my case...
>>>>> So, the question is: when I prepare the system by minimizing the energy,
>>>>> should I set constraints = all_bonds, h_bonds or none?
>>>> What was your force field parametrized to use?  Most commonly, modern
>>>> force fields constrain bonds involving H, though all bonds are frequently
>>>> constrained in practice because the differences are generally small and
>>>> the
>>>> rigid representation of a bond is considered by many to be a more
>>>> realistic
>>>> representation of the ground state than a harmonic function.
>>>> I do not understand your question... ​Do you mean which force field I am
>>> using? In this case the answer is gromos43a1​...
>> Constraining all bonds is common with Gromos96 parameter sets.  I know
>> that 53a6 was parametrized with all bonds constrained; I am not sure if the
>> full details of 43a1 were ever published.  If someone else knows, please
>> chime in.  The oldest public reference I know of for Gromos96 is a paper
>> about the software suite in general, but not the original parametrization
>> protocol.
>>>     IMHP, I should set it to all_bonds, otherwise I may risk that the
>>>> system's
>>>>> energy minimum corresponds to a configuration very different from the
>>>>> initial one... However, I saw  somebody is using constraints = none and
>>>>> I
>>>>> was wandering why...
>>>>>   Without context, answering that is impossible.
>>>> ​I see... How can I better describe the context ? Which info do u need? ​
>>> ​I have seen setting the constraints to none with the same very system as
>>> mines (solvated azurin on Au​
>>> ​ layers) where the ff used was again gromos43a1... ​
>> The context to which I refer is: what were the goals of the study?  If one
>> wants to examine, for instance, vibrational spectra, it would be
>> inappropriate to apply constraints (and you'd be forced to use a very small
>> time step).  For normal MD investigations, constraints are used to increase
>> the time step for better throughput.  My comment about context is also a
>> general one.  People often mention previous posts without providing links
>> or looking at the whole thread.  There may be very specific reasons for a
>> particular approach, or it may turn out that the posted settings were wrong
>> ;)
> ​Thanks for explaining! Indeed we are in a early phase of our study and are
> interested in the vibrational (Raman) spectra (!!) of Cu-ligands; we want
> to see whether we are able to reproduce the experimental spectra in order
> to validate our model and then go further... And I was thinking that we
> should remove the constraints if we want to see the appropriate
> oscillations!
> It is also very interesting your comment about the relation between time
> step duration and aim of the MD simulation: I had been suggested to use Δt
> = 0.002 ps, but then I had issues with the frozen Au layers and changed it
> to 0.001 ps. Afterwards, in my last runs, I changed some other parameters
> and decided to give a try again to 0.002 ps, but it seems more appropriate
> - thanks to your comment - to switch back to 0.001 ps...

Without constraints, you may need an even smaller time step, 0.5 fs at most, for 
proper energy conservation.



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