[gmx-users] cholesterol bond rotation

Michael Weiner mdw224 at cornell.edu
Thu Jun 26 20:52:41 CEST 2014

Thanks, Justin.  
I tried the minimization with just a lone cholesterol molecule, and there were no LINCS warnings.  Additionally, I tried a production run on the full system, and it didn't seem to encounter any further issues.  I suspect that you are right in suggesting that the initial configuration is to blame.  

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> On 6/25/14, 11:55 AM, Michael Weiner wrote:
>> Hello, I've built a lipid bilayer in Martini consisting of DPPC, DUPC, and
>> cholesterol.  When I try to do an energy minimization using the
>> minimization.mdp provided in the Martini lipid bilayer tutorial
>> (http://md.chem.rug.nl/cgmartini/index.php/bilayers), I get a large number
>> (several dozen) of LINCS warnings.  The warnings say that the bonds rotated
>> more than 30 degrees.  In each case, the two beads forming the bond are in a
>> cholesterol molecule.  When I look at the trajectory animation, I can see
>> that these beads begin jiggling during the simulation, but there is no major
>> change in the conformation of any cholesterol molecule.  Should I be
>> concerned, or would it be safe to ignore these warnings?
> During EM, these may not indicate a serious problem (bad clashes in the initial 
> configuration can do that), but no sane dynamics simulation should produce LINCS 
> warnings.
> -Justin
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