[gmx-users] Generate many random configurations

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Fri Mar 7 04:00:59 CET 2014

On 3/6/14, 7:27 PM, rankinb wrote:
> You are right...it is physically unreasonable for the particles to occupy the
> same space.  I will not be running any MD simulations with the
> configurations that I am generating.  I will only use the configurations to
> determine the coordination number -- the goal is to emulate an ideal gas,
> but with a nonspherical solute shape.
> The initial configuration contains the coordinates of the carbon atoms of a
> single tert-butanol (TBA) molecule. I would like to add x additional TBA
> molecules at random positions, including random orientations.  Maybe the way
> I am doing this will not be feasible, because I really need particles to
> overlap such that the g(r) = 1 at all distances.  I was trying to generate
> these random configurations in a clever way using GROMACS commands, instead
> of reinventing the wheel and writing my own program. Do you know of any
> available programs that may be of some assistance?  Otherwise, I may end up
> writing my own.

So you basically need infinite sampling via some finite number of 
configurations.  I doubt you'll get that with genbox.  If you require g(r) = 1 
for all positions, that's just a regular grid with atoms occupying every point 
at which the RDF is measured (every 0.002 nm in g_rdf, by default).  I suppose 
one could try to generate enough random configurations that are different but do 
not enrich any particular site, but that sounds like a losing battle to me.  So, 
in short, no, I can't think of a particularly clever or Gromacs-centric way to 
do this.  Maybe someone else can, but it looks like you're trying to make genbox 
do something it's not likely to accomplish.



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