[gmx-users] g_covar warnings

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Thu Mar 27 18:34:22 CET 2014

On 3/27/14, 1:27 PM, João Henriques wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> The documentation reads:
> """
> All structures are fitted to the structure in the structure file. When this
> is not a run input file periodicity will not be taken into account.
> """
> This is rather cryptic, what does it mean in practice? No tpr, no party?
> What if I use a properly centered and whole .gro file?
> When ran with a .gro as the structure input file, I get two warnings. One
> is related to the masses, which are non-existent in the .gro, but I don't
> need them anyway. The second warning is honestly confusing me even more.
> """
> WARNING: If there are molecules in the input trajectory file
>           that are broken across periodic boundaries, they
>           cannot be made whole (or treated as whole) without
>           you providing a run input file.
> """
> The documentation points out to the structure input file and now it's the
> trajectory? What's going on? Do I also need to make each frame whole in the
> input .xtc? Can someone elaborate on this?

The documentation consistently refers to the run input file.  A .tpr has record 
of how periodicity is treated.  Nothing else does.  If you don't tell g_covar 
(like most Gromacs tools) how periodicity is treated, you can get garbage as a 
result.  The trajectory may have "broken" molecules, because mdrun doesn't care 
how they look - it has a run input file and thus knowledge of periodicity.  When 
running analysis like g_covar, if the bonded connectivity of the molecule and 
the periodicity are unknown (again, if you're not using a .tpr), then absolute 
displacements of coordinates are used, thus your analysis might be totally hosed 
if the molecule "splits" - that would be a rather dramatic structure change 
detected by g_covar.  In fact, so dramatic that it's false.



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