[gmx-users] Insertion of a carbon nanotube in a system

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Thu Feb 12 13:44:13 CET 2015

On 2/11/15 11:29 PM, soumadwip ghosh wrote:
> Dear users,
>                    I am currently working in the direction of adsorption of
> nucleic acids on the surface of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) and I
> have made a SWCNT with indices (3,3) using the package Tubegen. What I dont
> know is how to insert it in my system containing nucleic acids, solvent and
> ions. Is it possible to add the SWCNT just by making the topology by
> altering the atom types with the help of pdb2gmx and then add it by using
> -ci -nmol options of the genbox? Can I use packmole to generate the initial
> structure by putting all the nucleic acis.PDB, SWCNT.PDB and spce.PDB
> together? I saw a paper where the ssDNA-SWCNT has been modeled by using
> xleap package of AMBER which I dont know how to use. Is there any other
> simpler way for the above purpose? I hope I'm not asking for much.

Generate topologies for the nucleic acid and CNT independently; this will give 
you two topol.top files.  Remove the system-level directives to make each of 
these an .itp file (see the wiki or manual).  Create a new .top that #includes 
the parent force field, each of the nucleic acid and CNT .itp files, etc.

Position the DNA and CNT in a suitable box using editconf independently (using 
rotation and translation options as needed to create the desired orientation), 
then concatenate the coordinate files.  At this point, you'll have a CNT and DNA 
in a box, with no solvent.  From here on, solvating, adding ions, etc. is the 
same as any simple system.



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