[gmx-users] breaking S-S bond using pdb2gmx

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Mon Feb 16 13:40:14 CET 2015

On 2/16/15 4:27 AM, Sahithya S Iyer wrote:
> Deal all,
> I need to break 1 out of 4 S-S bonds in a protein. While using the pdb2gmx
> command, i used -ss whereby i was asked which S-S bonds i would what to
> keep intact and which i'd break. Since i wanted the S-S bond between CYS
> 6-CYS 127 to be broken, i gave he following command -
> Link CYS-6 SG-48 and CYS-127 SG-981 (y/n) ?n
> Link CYS-30 SG-238 and CYS-115 SG-889 (y/n) ?y
> Link CYS-64 SG-513 and CYS-80 SG-630 (y/n) ?y
> Link CYS-76 SG-601 and CYS-94 SG-724 (y/n) ?y
> The .gro file generated , visualised using vmd, shows 4 S-S bonds instead
> of 3. Where have i gone wrong. Is there any other method the break the S-S
> bonds present in the pdb file ?

The topology is definitive, not what you see in VMD.  Though the -SH groups 
should be obviously present.  Make sure you're visualizing the right file.



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