[gmx-users] gromacs_win32.zip CPU version: All MS_Windows version: XP/NT/95 Libraries: Static Size: 17633280 FFTW version: 2.1.3 MPI support: no Installation prefix: customizable Comments: This is an unsupported native port of Gromacs to MS Windows. Start setup.exe after you have extracted all files. Note that you will have to specify the location of cpp in your mdp files - I\'ve included a free cpp in the gromacs binary directory. Contributed by: Erik Lindahl (lindahl at gromacs.org)

Vasiliy Znamenskiy znamenski at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 10:27:13 CET 2015

I hoped that the package (gromacs_win32.zip,
), with programs, which are ready to execution, will accelerate my time of
study of the GROMACS  program, but it appeared that I got stuck on a step
There was an error at execution of the training example.
All my attempts to understand something and to correct, replace also give

Can anybody give me useful advise?

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