[gmx-users] Justin biphasic tutorial with controlled adsoption of protein

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Sun May 3 18:29:04 CEST 2015

On 5/3/15 9:07 AM, James Lord wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> Thanks for the info, your assumption re long axis of the box is correct (z),
> here is the .gro file I have for one the oil (decane)-protein (the protein is in
> the middle part of the free space above the oil surface). Is that what you were
> talking about? I went through manual and could not get what to do for position
> restrains, appreciate if you can elaborate further on it? Thanks for your final
> point re solvent/ions separate coupling.

Restraints require a reference coordinate for each atom to which restraints are 
applied.  Normally this is read from -c when running grompp (useful for absolute 
restraints), but the origin of the restraint can be replaced with a reference 
position in -r.  If you're trying to restrain a molecule to some region of space 
(what you're trying to do here), you basically need to define some coordinate 
along the axis/axes of interest that defines a boundary for the potential.  If 
you're trying to restrict motion along z, then the z-coordinates of all the 
atoms to which restraints are applied need to be set to this value.  The 
coordinate file passed to -r is thus not physically the coordinates of the 
molecule, but defines a reference location at which the restraints are applied. 
  This is also useful for doing, e.g. osmotic pressure calculations - you can 
restrain ions within a certain region of space and the waters can move freely; a 
virtual semi-permeable membrane.  Could be a useful toy system for you to debug 
any issues you might run into.



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