[gmx-users] how to avoid multiple 'aprun' on batch job script?

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Fri May 8 13:35:55 CEST 2015

On 5/8/15 1:31 AM, Satyabrata Das wrote:
> Dear All,
> Currently I am running simulation using Gromac-5.0.4 on Cray XC40.
> Its a protein in water system (100K), 300K, NPT ensemble, writing full
> precision output in every 2ps and compressed trajectory in 1ps.
> I have divided the run into 2ns bin, and the following command is used in
> a loop to run the job starting from 2ns:
> loop
> aprun -n 144 -N 24 -j1 gmx_mpi mdrun -cpi simu-$nt-to-$nt1.cpt -deffnm
> simu-$nt1-to-$nt2
> loop
> (aprun -n 144 -N 24 -j1 gmx_mpi mdrun -cpi simu-0-to-2.cpt -deffnm
> simu-2-to-4)
> ('tpr' files are generated by 'convert-tpr' program:
> gmx convert-tpr -s simu-0-to-2.tpr -o simu-2-to-4.tpr -extend 2000)
> Kindly suggest better way of doing this, if any.
> Since it is running on a loop, I need to invoke 'aprun' on every 2ns steps.
> Is it possible to run the loop by using 'aprun' only once?
> My admin is insisting to avoid multiple 'aprun' command on same job script.

Running in intervals of time like this does require a loop, but why is is 
necessary to run in 2-ns intervals?  If you're not running into wallclock 
limits, just run the whole interval you want.  It significantly cuts down on the 
complexity of your script and circumvents the issue entirely.



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