[gmx-users] Domain decomposition error

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Thu Oct 29 19:15:01 CET 2015

On 10/29/15 4:56 AM, badamkhatan togoldor wrote:
> Dear GMX Users, I am simulating a free energy of a protein chain_A in water
> by parallel. Then i got domain decomposition error in mdrun. Will use 15
> particle-particle and 9 PME only ranksThis is a guess, check the performance
> at the end of the log file
> -------------------------------------------------------Program mdrun_mpi,
> VERSION 5.1.1-dev-20150819-f10f108Source code file:
> /tmp/asillanp/gromacs/src/gromacs/domdec/domdec.cpp, line: 6969 Fatal
> error:There is no domain decomposition for 15 ranks that is compatible with
> the given box and a minimum cell size of 5.68559 nmChange the number of ranks
> or mdrun option -rddLook in the log file for details on the domain
> decomposition
> Then i look through the .log file, there was 24 rank . So how can i change
> this ranks? What's wrong in here? Or something wrong in my .mdp file ?  Or
> wrong construction on my script in parallel ? I am using just 2 nodes with 24
> cpu. Then i don't think my system is too small (one protein chain, solvent is
> around 8000 molecules and few ions). Initializing Domain Decomposition on 24
> ranksDynamic load balancing: offWill sort the charge groups at every domain
> (re)decompositionInitial maximum inter charge-group distances:    two-body
> bonded interactions: 5.169 nm, LJC Pairs NB, atoms 81 558  multi-body bonded

Given the two-body interaction length, your .mdp file probably specifies 
couple-intramol = no, which generates explicit pairs and exclusions for 
intramolecular interactions, thus driving up the minimum size of a DD cell 
considerably.  So your system is incompatible with more than a few DD cells.

The better question is why you're trying to decouple an entire protein; that is 
extremely impractical and unlikely to be useful.


> interactions: 0.404 nm, Ryckaert-Bell., atoms 521 529Minimum cell size due to
> bonded interactions: 5.686 nmMaximum distance for 13 constraints, at 120 deg.
> angles, all-trans: 0.218 nmEstimated maximum distance required for P-LINCS:
> 0.218 nmGuess for relative PME load: 0.38Will use 15 particle-particle and 9
> PME only ranksThis is a guess, check the performance at the end of the log
> fileUsing 9 separate PME ranks, as guessed by mdrunOptimizing the DD grid for
> 15 cells with a minimum initial size of 5.686 nmThe maximum allowed number of
> cells is: X 1 Y 1 Z 0 Can anybody help this issue? Tnx Khatnaa


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