[gmx-users] extending simulation

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Wed Aug 10 14:04:16 CEST 2016

You must have provided 50000 for -extend flag in convert-tpr. Right? Then It should work. Start your mdrun with new.tpr. 
Or if it does not work, try changing the .mdp file options and adjust those. Recently I posted similar query and Dr. Lemkul replied. Please find that thread in the mailing list. The mail will redirect you to "How to extend simulation" page of Gromacs.
May I know why you don't have checkpoint file.
Best Wishes

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</div>Dear List,

I have only .xtc, .edr, .top and .tpr files. I want to extend my runs. I
tried converting .xtc to .trr. Then I tried using both grompp and/or
convert-tpr tools to extend my runs as recommended by gromacs manual.

However, when I input new tpr file to mdrun it starts the run with time=0
ps. I want the simulation to start with t=50 ns after previous run.

Is there a way to work around this without .cpt file?

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