[gmx-users] Addendum to Question

Robert Molt rwmolt07 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 17:51:57 CET 2016

Thank you for clarifying the proper way to search the forums.

I was perhaps unclear in what I wrote. I already *have *the converted 
topology and trajectory files (via Parmed). Rather, I am seeking the 
correct command to combine them into a binary (pursuant to the use of 
do_x3dna http://rjdkmr.github.io/do_x3dna/usage.html; this states I need 
to use a binary).

Am I incorrect in thinking I need to apply some form of the gmx command 
to a gro trajectory file and a topology file to make a tpr file (which 
is a binary and thus not directly convertible from what I have)?

I will begin examining your tutorials, Dr. Lemkul. Thank you.

Dr. Robert Molt Jr.
r.molt.chemical.physics at gmail.com

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