[gmx-users] gmx pdb2gmx for synthetic nucleic acid sequences

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Sun Mar 13 01:30:14 CET 2016

On 3/12/16 6:55 PM, fulvio ciriaco wrote:
> Hello,
> I have to simulate some non natural sequences containing sometimes both
> T and U nucleic acids.
> However pdb2gmx incorrectly detects the terminus, i.e., for a sequence like
> it says
> Identified residue DT1 as a starting terminus.
> Warning: Residue RU4 in chain has different type (RNA) from starting residue DT1
> (DNA).
> Warning: Residue DA5 in chain has different type (DNA) from starting residue DT1
> (DNA).
> Identified residue DA3 as a ending terminus.
> Then it does not treat DA5 as a ending terminus, i.e. , with amber99sb-ildn ff
> Fatal error:
> Atom H3T in residue DA 5 was not found in rtp entry DA with 32 atoms
> while sorting atoms.
> Is there some way to circumvent the excessive knowledge pdb2gmx has of biological
> systems?

Make a local copy of residuetypes.dat and set RU to DNA.  pdb2gmx functions to 
prevent people from mixing things that shouldn't be mixed; if you are doing 
something strange, this is the only way to convince pdb2gmx to listen to you 
rather than its programming :)

> I attach the tertiary structure for one such sequence.

The mailing list does not accept attachments, but none is necessary here.



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