[gmx-users] Error with gmx dielectric

Roberto Olmi r.olmi at ifac.cnr.it
Mon Mar 14 14:48:21 CET 2016

Dear All,

before sending a post to gmx-developers, I would like to know if someone else has my same problem.

When executing "gmx dielectric …." on a simulation, after having produced the dipole correlation file with "gmx dipoles -corr total -P 2 ….", I get the following error:

*** Error in `gmx': malloc(): smallbin double linked list corrupted: 0x000000000078b730 ***

If I reduce the size of dipcorr.xvg, including only a short time duration, the error disappears (but, of course, the solution is not correct due to the time cut). 

I have seen that this kind of problem has sometimes been reported in the lists, but without a solution. I have also tried to recompile GROMACS with debugging ON, but I think this is not a topic for the users list.

Am I the only one having that problem? I use GROMACS under Ubuntu linux.


Dr. Roberto Olmi
Via Madonna del Piano, 10
50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI)
Tel. +39 055 522 6408

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