[gmx-users] Computing dielectric relaxation properties of solutions

Roberto Olmi r.olmi at ifac.cnr.it
Tue Mar 22 14:37:26 CET 2016

Dear gmx-users,

I apologize for insisting, but it seems strange to me that nobody
of you has ever been involved in computing the dielectric relaxation 
properties of a solution (or simply of water).

It appears that nobody gets the same error (smallbin double linked list 
corrupted) I obtain when using the "gmx dielectric" command after a "gmx 
dipoles" analysis.

I would be very grateful also of a positive answer like "yes, I use it 
and it works well". I have posted this "probable" bug also to 
gmx-developers (without any answer, up to now).

Dr Roberto Olmi
Institute of Applied Physics
Firenze (Italy)
r.olmi at ifac.cnr.it

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