[gmx-users] Topology of a neutral single peptide

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Mon May 30 16:47:30 CEST 2016

On 5/30/16 10:42 AM, soumadwip ghosh wrote:
> Hi,
>      I am currently working on the interaction of single peptide chains
> with some ligands for which I need to keep all the carboxyl functional
> groups of a protein protonated, i.e, in the carboxylic acid form and
> thereby the peptide should be neutral. I obtained the PDB of Lysozyme at pH
> 6.8 and tried to make the protein topology. I did the following steps:
> 1. pdb2gmx -f lysozyme.pdb -o lysozyme.gro -ter -ignh
> When prompted I selected CHARMM 27 ff.
> Then it asked for the termini as follows:
> Linking CYS-6 SG-48 and CYS-127 SG-981...
> Linking CYS-30 SG-238 and CYS-115 SG-889...
> Linking CYS-64 SG-513 and CYS-80 SG-630...
> Linking CYS-76 SG-601 and CYS-94 SG-724...
> Select start terminus type for LYS-1
>  0: NH3+
>  1: NH2
>  2: None
>  I selected 1. Then
> Start terminus LYS-1: NH2
> Select end terminus type for LEU-129
>  0: COO-
>  1: COOH
>  2: CT2
>  3: CT3
>  4: None
> I again selected 1 but when the topology was created it showed : Total
> charge 9.000 e
> Where am I going wrong? Is there a way to obtain a completely neutral
> protein chain topology or is it strictly force field specific? Was there
> anything wrong with the command line? I am handling protein topology for
> the first time, so please excuse me if I am asking for much.

Choosing neutral termini is insufficient to obtain a neutral protein.  The 
constituent amino acid side chains of lysozyme yield a +8e charge at neutral pH. 
  If you want to alter all of these to be in their neutral forms (which would be 
a very strange state) you can do this with options in pdb2gmx, most likely 
-inter so you can choose the protonation states of everything interactively.



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