[gmx-users] Significant smaller area per lipid in bilayer simulations using CHARMM force field

凌未风 grx1985 at qq.com
Tue Sep 20 19:17:43 CEST 2016


I am simulating a stearol sphingomyelin bilayer with 81 lipids in each leaflet using the CHARMM force field. I used the CHARMM-GUI to generate the initial conformation, as well as the parameters for mdp file. I conducted the simulation by gmx5.0.4. 

I found a significant smaller area per lipid (APL) in my simulations. The APL kept on decreasing, and started to equilibriated after 400 ns. The expected value is ~55.4 A^2, but in my simulation, the value was ~50.8 A^2 after equilibrated. For me this difference is significant. I looked up in the mailing list, and found someone said that it is because of the ions using or it is because of the motion of the two leaflets. So I tried simulations without ions, and with NaCl/KCl. I also tried to remove the centers of mass of two leaflets separately in my simulations. But all of the simulations generated similar APL. 

I am really appreciate for any possible suggestions. This looks really strange for me, as I am using the "standard parameters" (i.e., the parameters generated by CHARMM-GUI) for CHARMM force filed in gromacs, and the difference should not be so larger, if there are any differences....

Thanks again for any help you may provide. 

University of Calgary

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