[gmx-users] OPLS-AA nonbonded force field format

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Wed Feb 1 02:50:19 CET 2017

On 1/31/17 8:16 PM, Shi Li wrote:
> Dear GMX users,
> I am editing an OPLS-AA non-bonded itp file for my simulation system. I
> noticed in the ffoplsaa in gromacs folder, the non-bonded force field has
> following format:
> [ atomtypes ] ; full atom descriptions are available in ffoplsaa.atp ; name
> bond_type    mass    charge   ptype          sigma      epsilon opls_001   C
> 6      12.01100     0.500       A    3.75000e-01  4.39320e-01 ; SIG …
> However, the non-bonded format I find from the manual is like this:
> [ atomtypes ] ;name at.num mass charge ptype V(c6) W(c12) O 8 15.99940 0.000
> A 0.22617E-02 0.74158E-06 OM 8 15.99940 0.000 A 0.22617E-02 0.74158E-06
> The difference is in the manual, it doesn’t contain the first column, which I
> think is the atom name. When I built my own non bonded itp file, I try make
> my file looks like the first one. For example, if I have an atom name S1, and
> belongs to type “S”, my first line of the file looks like this: [ atomtypes
> ] ; full atom descriptions are available in ffoplsaa.atp ; name  bond_type
> mass    charge   ptype          sigma      epsilon ;   S1    S      16
> 32.0600     0.266702   A  0.3550    1.046700
> However, this give me the error as followings: Fatal error: Atomtype S not
> found
> This could be fixed if I remove the S1 column and make my file format likes
> the one in the manual. So, my question is, what is the correct non-bonded
> forcefield format for OPLS? If I don't specify the name of the atoms, I think
> they are specified in the topology file, under the [ atoms ], is that
> correct? In this case, how should the first format work in the grompp?

Atom *names* never appear in the ff*bonded.itp files.  These are all atom 
*types* because names are irrelevant from the perspective of the force field. 
OPLS is a bit funny because it uses bonded and nonbonded types.  There are far 
fewer bonded types and parameters are shared among multiple nonbonded types.

So column 1 is the nonbonded type, and column 2 is the bonded type (you will 
note that there's nothing that says "opls_" in ffbonded.itp).

> Another question about this non-bonded file is, I think I just need to
> specify the atom types, instead of every single atom in my molecule, is this
> correct? As I tried to include all the atoms in the nonbonded file, but it
> will give me the warning of override the atoms. But the format in opls seems
> to have all the atoms listed. In this case, how should I edit the non-bonded
> file correctly?

Parameters need to be uniquely defined.  You don't need to have an entry for 
every atom in the structure, because likely some types are the same.



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