[gmx-users] Generating GROMACS input file from the GAMESS output file

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Tue Jul 11 18:55:45 CEST 2017

On 7/10/17 2:32 AM, 조영래 wrote:
> Thank you Justin
> Every time your comment helped me.
> I should compare two system that are Zn_binding protein and Fe_binding
> protein.
> So I need force field that satisfies the following conditions.
> First, force field contains two metal ion (Fe and Zn)information.
> Second, force field contain metal ion binding mode amino acid information
> for example cysteine (CYM) in AMBER.
> However many force fields did not satisfied above conditions.
> So I would like to generate *.gro *itp file for metal atoms by GAMESS.
> But according to your comment this is not correct.
> In my case, the metal ions (Fe and Zn) binds one cysteine and two
> histidines.
> I want to simulate these complexes (i.e. Fe_protein and Zn_protein complex).
> Please suggest me an ideal force field that in able to be used for
> sumulation of the avode mentaioned complexes.

I don't know of one.  Dealing with transition metals is one of the hardest tasks 
in parametrization.  There's a reason why after many decades of development, the 
parameters still don't exist...  Depending on what you need to do, hybrid QM/MM 
is probably the best/most straightforward approach.  Classical force fields do 
not deal well with these kinds of systems.



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