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Federico Gallino Federico_Gallino at saes-group.com
Mon May 29 15:42:26 CEST 2017

Dear All,

I would like to put your attention on the output of gmx freevolume.
I cannot understand how the "Molecular van der Waals volume" is computed.
I made some crosschecks from the FFV but I never got the value written by gmx.


Free volume 35.97 +/- 0.00 %
Total volume 68.07 +/- 0.00 nm^3
Number of molecules 64 total mass 51773.89 Dalton
Average molar mass: 808.97 Dalton
Density rho: 1263.06 +/- 0.00 nm^3
Molecular volume Vm assuming homogeneity: 1.0635 +/- 0.0000 nm^3
Molecular van der Waals volume assuming homogeneity:  0.6810 +/- 0.0000 nm^3
Fractional free volume 0.168 +/- 0.000

If I use the empirical correlation formula:


I got:

FFV=-0.06326                   vs           FFv=0.168           (gmx freevolume, see above)

Vice versa if I compute Vw I got:

Vw= 0.748086   vs           Vw=0.6810         (gmx freevolume, see above)

In the manual, it is written that the algorithm come from the paper from Bondi, that is similar to the ones from Van Krevelen.

I applied the Van Krevelen group contribution approach and I got:

Vw=0.728  in good agreement with the formula above but in disagreement with the output from gmx freevolume

Thank you in advance for any clarifications.

Best regards,


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Computational Science & Engineering

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