[gmx-users] problem about installing the latest version of, MOPAC

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> Dear gmx users,
> I?m trying to install MOPAC 2016 and GROMACS_2016.4 for QM/MM calculation.
> I have installed MOPAC, but it gives the following error when I configure  ?-DGMX_QMMM_PROGRAM=mopac? and then execute make command.
> So how to set-up the latest version of MOPAC? Is it possible to use gromacs compatible with MOPAC7?
> I have searched gromacs website, but information for gromacs version3 with MOPAC7 was only provided.
> I want to use the latest version of MOPAC. Please give me any idea to solve this situation.
> Thank you in advance.
QM/MM calculation interfacing is not maintained in current GROMACS versions.

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