[gmx-users] restart nvt run

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Sun Feb 4 14:52:44 CET 2018

On 2/4/18 8:50 AM, farial tavakoli wrote:
> Dear Justin
> Thank you so much for replying
>  I dont know exactly how I should use gmx trjcat command to 
> concatenate 2 .trr files (nvt.trr and traj.part0002.trr)
> I issued this command to merge them:
> gmx trjcat -f nvt.trr -o fixed.trr -cat
> but faced to this result:
> gmx trjcat -f nvt.trr -o fixed.trr -cat

This accomplishes nothing; nvt.trr and fixed.trr will be identical. The 
purpose of trjcat is to assemble multiple trajectory files (note in the 
help information, the -f argument specifies that it takes multiple 
files). You want:

gmx trjcat -f nvt.trr traj.part0002.trr -o fixed.trr



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