[gmx-users] gmx mindist error

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Tue Mar 27 16:05:15 CEST 2018

On 3/27/18 9:59 AM, João Henriques wrote:
> Dear users and developers,
> I am trying to use gmx mindist to calculate the minimum distance between
> periodic images but I get the following error:
> Fatal error:
> pbc = no is not supported by g_mindist
> This is the command I am running:
> gmx_mpi mindist -f output.xtc -s structure.pdb -od -pi -pbc
> Now, I have to admit that the .xtc file I'm using is generated by ACEMD and
> not mdrun, but I used gmx dump to check it and everything looks sane. The
> cuboid box sizes are clearly specified and I don't understand what the
> problem is...
> box (3x3):
>     box[    0]={ 8.16756e+00,  0.00000e+00,  0.00000e+00}
>     box[    1]={ 0.00000e+00,  8.25175e+00,  0.00000e+00}
>     box[    2]={ 0.00000e+00,  0.00000e+00,  9.73586e+00}
> Is gmx mindist reading the box vector lengths from the structure file
> instead?

When you don't provide a .tpr file, the program does not know what type 
of periodicity the simulation used, so it cannot do the requested 
calculation because the shifts cannot be calculated.



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