[gmx-users] gmx kill computer?

Harry Mark Greenblatt harry.greenblatt at weizmann.ac.il
Thu Oct 25 08:55:27 CEST 2018


Dear Michael,

  ThermalTake PSU’s are better than many out there, but they aren’t the best.  Here is a link discussing how the theoretical wattage rating of a PSU may not actually translate into enough watts in reality, especially under sustained load.


Nevertheless, I am a bit surprised that your PSU’s can’t handle a GTX 1060.

Since both machines are doing the same thing, and have very different hardware, except for the graphics cards and the PSU, it does seem to point a finger at the PSU. Since both are failing, that further suggests that the model of PSU is problematic, as opposed to them being truly faulty.

 Again, try and swap one with a different manufacturer, if possible.

Good luck,


On 24 Oct 2018, at 12:06 PM, Michael Brunsteiner <mbx0009 at yahoo.com<mailto:mbx0009 at yahoo.com>> wrote:


Thanks for you replies, Harry and Mirco!I've got 700W Thermaltake PSUs here ... according to several web-sites thatcalculate the expected power consumption for a given set of components, and alsoin our experience this should be more than enough ...Can it be that, as Mirco suggested, the 1060 in combination with gmx can give particularlylarge spikes or changes in energy consumption so that even a 700W PSU cannot cope?

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