[gmx-users] Workstation choice

Olga Selyutina olga.gluschenko at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 22:36:15 CEST 2018

Hi, Páll

2018-09-11 21:50 GMT+07:00 Szilárd Páll <pall.szilard at gmail.com>:

> I've presonally not tried the 2nd-gen Ryzen, but based on the performance
> of the 1800X and the compute benchmarks I've seen published, these will
> likely be the best value for money (possibly the 2600X if that allows
> getting better GPUs?).

It makes sence. Benchmarks are very similar but price is about 30% lower!
I'll think carefully about it.

> Special edition CPU, not worth the money unless you like the name ;)
It's for lovers of rare names :)

> Don't forget that you need a few other components too in particular note
> that that the motherboard will be more expensive for Threadripper, cheaper
> for Ryzen 7 (and unless Intel boards are also a bit more pricey than the
> Ryzens).
Yes, I remember. The cost of other components was taken into account when
choosing CPU and GPU.

2018-09-11 21:55 GMT+07:00 Szilárd Páll <pall.szilard at gmail.com>:

> Also, I can't (yet) recommend AMD GPUs as a buying option for
> consumer-grade stuff as we don't yet have PME offload support in OpenCL,
> but this will soon change.
Thanks for advice, I haven't take AMD GPUs into account yet.

> Glad to hear. Feel free to follow up if you have further questions (but do
> allow some time for replies ;).
> Thank you, I will :)

Best regards, Olga Selyutina

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