[gmx-users] gmx pdb2gmx

Justin Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Thu Sep 20 16:37:09 CEST 2018

On 9/20/18 7:21 AM, antonia vyrkou wrote:
> Hello!
> I want to create a topology file for a LDHA-NADH-PYRUVATE system.
> I have created the pdb file, copied the .rtp in the relevant directory and
> added a       [ bond ] and [ impropers ] section for pyruvate.
> When I run gmx pdb2gmx I get two warnings and a fatal error.
> The warnings are:
> Warning: Starting residue NAD801 in chain not identified as Protein/RNA/DNA.
> Warning: Starting residue PYR802 in chain not identified as Protein/RNA/DNA.
> NADH and Pyruvate are not enzymes, how should I specify them in the
> residuetypes.dat file?

These are merely advisory; they will not cause a problem as long as all 
.rtp entries are properly defined.

> The fatal error is:
> Residue 'PYR' not found in residue topology database
> Doesn't gmx pdb2gmx use as input the local rtp file where PYR is specified?

The .rtp file must be in the force field subdirectory that you're using.



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