[gmx-developers] Documentation

Justin MacCallum jlmaccal at ucalgary.ca
Wed Jan 16 02:53:34 CET 2002


Eric and David, could you guys let me know when you are done reorganizing
stuff for the 3.1 release. When you are done, I will modify the comments
for automatic documentation by Doxygen. I will use the following
conventions, if they sound ok:

Functions and structures will be commented BEFORE the declaration, using
/*! ... */.  The main change here is that most functions are currently
commented after declaration. Structure members will be documented after
they are declared with /*!< ... */.

I started making these changes and had about half of the include directory
finished in an hour, but I noticed that you guys are reorganizing a lot of
stuff and I didn't feel like merging changes, so I will wait until you
guys have slowed down a bit. I also changed the doxygen configuration to
only scan the header files, so there is far less crap from analysis


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