[gmx-developers] Parallel Gromacs

Mark Abraham Mark.Abraham at anu.edu.au
Tue Apr 25 11:53:44 CEST 2006

N.Goga wrote:
> Hi David,
>  Last Thursday you send me the name and the e-mail adress of the 
> developer of the parallel Gromacs. Somehow I lost that e-mail. Can you 
> send them again. Thank you

Please search the archives available on the gromacs web page. All of the 
email from the lists gets stored there for this sort of purpose.

> PS: Also I did not get any further reaction from him. on the Gromacs list.

I would do some more background work myself before expecting much of a 
reaction from hard-working developers. Your original email made it appear
a) that you didn't realize that a parallel version of gromacs was under 
active development, which is implied by the website when it has the date 
of the latest release 20 days before your first email, and a Features 
section clearly stating GROMACS runs in parallel using MPI, and
b) that you weren't able to find the source code, which is clearly and 
readily available on the website, nor
c) that you made any effort to find out yourself how the parallelism is 
done, when it is clearly explained in the manual and documented in the 
source code.
People have put a lot of work into the website, the manual and the 
mailing list archives, and by refusing to do your own homework there, 
you run a risk they'll not be interested in doing anything for you. 
Whether they actually do is up to David/Berk/Erik of course :-)

Also, your simultaneous post to both gmx-users and gmx-developers is 
concerned poor etiquette. Decide which of those is the most appropriate 
and post to one. If you are unsatisfied with the response, try the 
other. More than a few gmx-developers will also subscribe to gmx-users 
and by effectively sending two emails to them, you start alienating 
precisely the audience you wish to reach. For a guide on how to ask 
questions on fora such as these, please read 


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