[gmx-developers] Parallel Gromacs

Erik Lindahl lindahl at sbc.su.se
Tue Apr 25 13:11:00 CEST 2006


> People have put a lot of work into the website, the manual and the  
> mailing list archives, and by refusing to do your own homework  
> there, you run a risk they'll not be interested in doing anything  
> for you. Whether they actually do is up to David/Berk/Erik of  
> course :-)

Well, we certainly don't willfully ignore posts, but Mark touches on  
an important point that we can give priority to everything :-)

You are much more likely to get a fast reply if you ask short and  
concrete questions that we can answer immediately with a 1-2 lines.  
If the reply requires 50 lines and some code checking we will usually  
think "I'll look into that later when I have time", and then often  
forget about it...



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