[gmx-developers] innerc.c -- The Miracle of Birth

D. Ensign densign at stanford.edu
Wed May 24 20:40:27 CEST 2006

> > When I do 'make mdrun' that innerc.c gets built. Is there an easy way
> > (which I like to
> > call, "Not fooling around with the Makefile") to use a pre-supplied inner
> > loop, ie, one
> > that I've modified? Or do I have to change metacode.c and all that stuff?
> >
> > I ask because I've modified the code and have traced back some bugs to
> > inl3330() and would
> > like a more barbaric way to keep track of the bad variables than to loop
> > through with gdb.
> >
> > I'm proudly using the venerable and wise GMX 3.1.4, and don't ask me to
> > change.
> You do realize you can not expect us to provide support for
> detailed developer problem in 3.1.4.
> So I would still ask you to change.

That's fine; any help I can get will be appreciated, and if I get no help then that's the
way it is. I'm sure that in the coming months we will be porting our Folding at home toys to
GMX 3.3, so expect perhaps a bit of deja vu. :)

> But anyhow, you can overwrite the innerloop .c file with your own
> .c file.
> The only issue is that any time the Makefile thinks that
> the innerloop source needs to be updated your file is overwritten
> and you will need to overwrite it again.
> So edit a seperate copy with a different name.

So in other words, I have to fool around with the Makefile.

Dan Ensign
Stanford University

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