[gmx-developers] output_env_t

Sander Pronk pronk at cbr.su.se
Wed Aug 26 15:35:30 CEST 2009

Oops, that's my oversight.. I thought I had found them all.

I introduced that type to make statutil thread-safe, and to have some  
hope of making an API out of some parts of Gromacs.
The time conversion functions now all take the output_env_t variable  
(called oenv in most places) that is initialized during  
parse_common_args. The new version of convert_times is
extern void conv_times(const output_env_t oenv, int n, real *time);

and the rest can be found in statutil.h


On Aug 26, 2009, at 15:11 , David van der Spoel wrote:

> I notice that some new structure has been introduced to replace  
> static variables in statutil.c. So far so good.
> Is someone still working on this? Not all code compiles anymore  
> (gmx_kinetics), due to the fact that the routine convert_times has  
> been removed (is it replaced by something?), and due to extra flags  
> to xvgr routines. It would be good if all developers compiled  
> gromacs with all options enabled (e.g. --with-gsl --with-xml). I'll  
> fix it for this file though.

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