[gmx-developers] CFLAGS for ppc, etc. with CMake

Mark Abraham mark.abraham at anu.edu.au
Thu Jul 8 10:40:54 CEST 2010

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From: Sander Pronk <pronk at cbr.su.se>
Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 22:12
Subject: [gmx-developers] CFLAGS for ppc, etc. with CMake
To: Discussion list for GROMACS development <gmx-developers at gromacs.org>

> I've implemented auto-detection of the CFLAGS (and CXXFLAGS). 
> Right now, it works for gcc and icc. There are a few compilers 
> I'd like to add, that I don't have access to. Specifically:
> xlc on Linux and AIX
> the pgi compilers on x86
> and any compiler on Bluegene.

I can't seem to get cmake to recognize GMX_ACCELERATION=BlueGene with git head.

The dearth of general online documentation about cmake makes life difficult, but I thought

CC=blrts_xlc CXX=blrts_xlc++ GMX_ACCELERATION=BlueGene cmake

should be sufficient. If not, what should I be using?

Can we have a (draft) set of cmake building instructions for git master for those of us who are not (yet) cmake-fluent, please?


> Would anybody who has insight on what compiler options to set 
> (and test for) on these platforms, mind looking at 
> cmake/gmxCFlags.cmake or tell me what they think should be added?
> I'm specifically looking for how to enable syntactical elements 
> (like inline functions) and how to set the best optimization and 
> debug settings.
> Thanks,
> Sander
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