[gmx-developers] building gmx-mopac is quite tedious... why ?

Christoph Junghans junghans at mpip-mainz.mpg.de
Tue Jul 20 14:26:38 CEST 2010


I think the licence of mopac allows modifications and redistribution:

So you could upload the mopac git repository as a gromacs fork, even if 
it is not a real fork, on repo.or.cz see:

This will make it easy to find.



Am 20.07.2010 13:28, schrieb torbenh:
> hi...
> i am planning to poke around with gromacs-mopac.
> since mopac is in the PublicDomain, i dont understand, why there
> is no mopac source distribution ready to be used with gromacs.
> i converted the mopac7 cvs to git now, and plan to clean up the repo.
> and have a branch with the gmxmop modifications.
> (i can push that to a public place, but it should probably end up where
> the gromacs git is)
> are there any specific reasons for the current situation ?

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